Balochistan: 28,300 government employees do not exist

At least 28,300 government employees have been found to be ghosts in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, official data said. The National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) could not verify these government employees, officials said. The issue [...]

Baluchistan: ‘Stylish’ beards banned in Kharan district for being ‘un-Islamic’

In a bizarre move, authorities in Baluchistan's Kharan district have prohibited 'stylish' beards in a recent order warning barbers of a heavy fine. "All barbers are restricted from cutting beards in a fashionable way which [...]

A dearth of female journalists in Balochistan

The lack of women journalists in the newsrooms of conservative Pakistan is depriving more than half the country of representation and a voice in the media. In larger metropolitan areas, you will come across a few women [...]