We’ll lose elders of Balochistan as well if atrocities continue: Zardari

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Pakistan Peoples Party co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Friday voiced fears that if atrocities continued in Balochistan, the state would also lose the elders of the province after its youth. Addressing a political gathering organised by PPP, Zardari said that he loved Balochistan as much as he loved his country Pakistan. "I got recognition from Sindh [...]

20,000 new TB cases emerge in Balochistan every year: expert

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Tuberculosis is becoming a serious threat in Balochistan as there has been a steady increase in cases reported in the province. About 20,000 new cases of tuberculosis (TB) are reported in Balochistan every year, according to experts. Most of the patients come from the far flung areas of province and border regions. Treatment of diseases is [...]

The census and Balochistan

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The census is being conducted in Pakistan after two decades. It is good to calculate the population, the resource-to-population ratio, households and expenditures. However, it is unfortunate that Balochistan might suffer the most in terms of resource allocation as the census might count the Afghan refugees residing in the province as citizens. This will mean the [...]

Tarek Fatah’s take on Zarb – e – Azb in Pakistan

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Tarek Fatah, Executive Director, Baluchistan House discuss abut Zarb-e-Azb  in Pakistan with Press at United Nations, Geneva   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VJagysdvbU  

Student activists in Berlin protest Pakistan’s atrocities in Baluchistan

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Baloch Republican Students Organization's (BRSO) Germany chapter held a demonstration in Berlin today against Pakistan's atrocities on civilians across Balochistan. The protesters also raised the slogan "Pakistan Murdabad, Thank You Modi". They distributed pamphlets to spread awareness on Pakistan's occupation of Baluchistan and violation of human rights. The spokesperson of BRSO, in a statement, said that [...]

India takes Pakistan to task at UN, raises human rights violations at Balochistan

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For the first time India raised the issue of Balochistan before the United Nations on Wednesday, accusing Pakistan for the widespread human rights violations in the region as well as Pakistan occupied Kashmir. During the 33rd Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, India said the main reason behind disturbances in Kashmir is Pakistan-sponsored [...]

India goes tough on Pakistan; Modi exposes Pakistan on Baluchistan and POK

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India has always had enough information on Pakistan-sponsored Jihadi machinations and terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, but New Delhi has also begun to expose Pakistan’s dismal human rights record in its region of Balochistan and Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir. In a scathing attack, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought to the fore the atrocities committed by the Pakistan [...]

Pakistan says 4 militants behind 2009 cricket attack killed

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Pakistani officials said Sunday that four Islamic extremists allegedly involved in a 2009 attack on the visiting Sri Lankan cricket team were killed in a shootout with police. The attack on the cricket team killed six police and two bystanders, and wounded six cricket players. The Pakistani Taliban and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an affiliated extremist group, claimed the [...]

Baluch youth facing problems

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Youth of Balochistan face a lot of hurdles in different fields of life. There are no job opportunities for the youth after completion of educational carrier. More than 60% population of Pakistan is youth but unfortunately they are mostly deprived and very backward. Youth feel disappointment due to the lack of attention from Government side which [...]

11 dead as bomb explodes in passenger bus in Southwestern Balochistan

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11 people died including two children and 22 were injured when a bomb exploded in a passenger bus in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. The explosion took place at a bus terminal in Dukani Baba Chowk area on the main Saryab Road, rescue officials said. The explosion took place just as the vehicle was due to leave a [...]

19 killed in Baluchistan as two gun men open fire in a passenger bus

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Unidentified gunmen attacked a passenger bus travelling towards Karachi from West Pakistan. The buses were en route to Karachi late on Friday when they were attacked in Mastung district, deputy district commissioner Akbar Harifal said. Security forces rescued five passengers after an exchange of fire, he said. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. [...]

Written Declaration on the 11th of August 2014 on the occasion of Baluchistan Independence Day: Baluch Leaders Demand Baluchistan’s Independence

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Written Declaration on the 11th of August 2014 on the occasion of Baluchistan Independence Day: Baluch Leaders Demand Baluchistan’s Independence 1.     Due to the oppressive policies followed by successive Pakistani regimes, intense human rights abuses have taken part in the Baluchistan region.  Pakistan has occupied Baluchistan and expanded injustices against the Baluch people, in addition to [...]

Rights violations, mass killings in Baluchistan discussed at UNHRC in Geneva

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Human rights activists, political leaders, Baluch nationalists and students from various parts of the world gathered in Geneva on March 10 to raise the issue of human rights violations in Pakistan's province of Baluchistan.  The event titled "Human Rights, Regional Security and Perspectives for Baluchistan and Pakistan Post-2014" was held at Palace of Nations, Geneva on the [...]

Peaceful Demonstration in Geneva for Peace and Tranquility in Baluchistan on 10th March 2014

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Silent Demonstration outside UN headquarters, Geneva on 5th March 2014

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Iran’s IRGC launches hostage rescue operation, kills several armed thugs

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Unknown group of armed people took two people as hostages in Iran's south eastern Sistan and Baluchistan Province yesterday night, Mehr news agency reported on Dec. 10. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) released the hostages today morning, by launching a special rescue operation, according to the public relation departments of the Quds headquarters of the [...]

Takfiri terrorists shot martyred a Shia mechanic and his Sunni comrade in Quetta

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30th October 2013 QUETTA, Pakistan (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Takfiri terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba shot martyred a Shia mechanic and his Sunni comrade in Quetta, provincial capital of Baluchistan province, on Tuesday. Ghulam Nabi son of Mohammad Kareem, 55, and his comrade a Sunni Baloch Muslim, were ambushed on Double Road area of Quetta. The takfiri [...]

Gunmen kill 7 people in restive southwest Pakistan

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29th October 2013 QUETTA, PAKISTAN — A Pakistani official says gunmen have killed a pro-government tribal elder and six members of his family in southwest Pakistan. Abdul Jabbar says the incident took place on Tuesday in Loti village in Baluchistan province. The assailants shot to death the elder, Dhara Khan, along with two other men, two [...]

Jaffar Express struck by explosion; seven killed

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21st October 2013 DERA MURAD JAMALI:     At least seven persons were killed and 16 injured when a passenger train was struck by a bomb explosion in Balochistan's Naseerabad district on Monday, police said. Asad Gilani, the Home Secretary Balochistan told Dawn.com militants targeted Jaffar Express using improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Notal area of [...]

PRESS RELEASE – 16th October 2013

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Parliamentarians gather to express solidarity with oppressed citizens of Baluchistan   16th October 2013, Brussels, European Parliament Legislators from around the globe gathered at the European Parliament at Brussels, Belgium this week to denounce the Pakistani government's kill-and-dump policy in Baluchistan and to express their support for democracy, human rights and the rule of law in [...]