A dearth of female journalists in Balochistan

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The lack of women journalists in the newsrooms of conservative Pakistan is depriving more than half the country of representation and a voice in the media. In larger metropolitan areas, you will come across a few women journalists, but in many areas of the country you won’t find a single one. In developed countries such as the UK [...]

How ISI is turning Balochistan into a mass grave

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The notorious intelligence wing of Pakistan Army, the ISI, has been waging a brutal and relentless war against its own citizens in Balochistan. The killings and abductions of innocent Baloch men and women have been so rampant that it has become difficult to hide the figures and the anonymous graves scattered the biggest province of Pakistan. [...]

Balochistan drifts back to worst violence

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Balochistan has drifted back to the worst violence of its history after a slight improvement in the preceding year despite military offences helping achieve relative stability in other parts of the country, as per official statistics exclusively made available with this correspondent. More than 286 gun and bomb attacks were recorded in the province last year [...]

Student activists in Berlin protest Pakistan’s atrocities in Baluchistan

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Baloch Republican Students Organization's (BRSO) Germany chapter held a demonstration in Berlin today against Pakistan's atrocities on civilians across Balochistan. The protesters also raised the slogan "Pakistan Murdabad, Thank You Modi". They distributed pamphlets to spread awareness on Pakistan's occupation of Baluchistan and violation of human rights. The spokesperson of BRSO, in a statement, said that [...]

The Untold Story of Balochistan

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Each day is a different fight for the province of Balochistan, which continues to remain rickety with the gruesome tumult and uproar in the region. It’s sure a pity to watch such turmoil grip thousands of families recurrently, without a silver lining to fall back on. But then one can’t overlook but notice the mould Balochistan [...]

India goes tough on Pakistan; Modi exposes Pakistan on Baluchistan and POK

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India has always had enough information on Pakistan-sponsored Jihadi machinations and terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, but New Delhi has also begun to expose Pakistan’s dismal human rights record in its region of Balochistan and Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir. In a scathing attack, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought to the fore the atrocities committed by the Pakistan [...]

Brahmadagh Bugti wishes to apply for political asylum in India

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Balochistan Republican Party leader Brahamdagh Bugti has recently expressed his wish to submit an application for political asylum in India. “We have decided that we will formally file asylum papers to Indian Govt. We will start work on it right away. Will go to Indian embassy and will follow the legal process,” said Bugti adding that [...]

India – A Ray of Hope for Baloch Nationals

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With recent statements of support from Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, for the Baloch nationals, India is being seen as the only nation that has openly acknowledged their condition. This may open up gates for Balochs’ to a new alliance which eventually may help them attain their freedom. India can take various measures to help Balochistan [...]

Balochistan fighting its inner evil – Corruption

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When Balochistan Finance Secretary Mushtaq Raisani was detained early last month and hundreds of millions of rupees in hard cash were impounded from his house in Quetta, it was instantaneously apparent that an infinite case of corruption had been brought to light. However, in the days and weeks ever since, the magnitude of that corruption has [...]

Balochistan – A State striving for Justice

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Balochistan- ‘the land of the Baloch’, which had been forcefully acceded to Pakistan has been in a state of constant turmoil since its forced union with the nation and since then has been incessantly demanding for freedom from the Pakistani oppression and a state of its own. The natural resources rich province despite its fertile and [...]

Baluch youth facing problems

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Youth of Balochistan face a lot of hurdles in different fields of life. There are no job opportunities for the youth after completion of educational carrier. More than 60% population of Pakistan is youth but unfortunately they are mostly deprived and very backward. Youth feel disappointment due to the lack of attention from Government side which [...]

Written Declaration on the 11th of August 2014 on the occasion of Baluchistan Independence Day: Baluch Leaders Demand Baluchistan’s Independence

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Written Declaration on the 11th of August 2014 on the occasion of Baluchistan Independence Day: Baluch Leaders Demand Baluchistan’s Independence 1.     Due to the oppressive policies followed by successive Pakistani regimes, intense human rights abuses have taken part in the Baluchistan region.  Pakistan has occupied Baluchistan and expanded injustices against the Baluch people, in addition to [...]

Quetta blast leaves 22 injured

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A bomb planted on a roadside Tuesday wounded at least 22 people in Pakistan's south-western Baluchistan province, police and hospital officials said. The bomb went off near a market in Quetta where a lot of people were shopping ahead of the country's Independence Day on August 14. "The bomb was detonated with a timer and was [...]

Motorcycle bomb kills three in Baluchistan

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QUETTA: A bomb planted on a motorcycle exploded in Pakistan’s restive south-western province of Baluchistan yesterday, killing three people including a paramilitary soldier and wounding 16 others, officials said. The attack came when a patrolling vehicle of the paramilitary Frontier Corps (FC) was passing through a busy market in Khuzdar town, some 270 kilometres south of [...]

Baluchistan welcomes North Waziristan IDPs

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Baluchistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Maalik Baloch has welcomed the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the war-ravaged North Waziristan to come to Baluchistan. The decision comes at a time when Sindh government has refused to accommodate them while the Punjab government also didn't show a big heart to embrace the thousands of people looking for the [...]

Gunmen kill school teacher, family members in Pakistan

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Gunmen Wednesday killed a teacher and five members of his family in Pakistan's southwestern province of Baluchistan, officials said, adding that separatist rebels were believed responsible. The attack happened in the Panjgour district of Baluchistan, about 650 miles (1,000 kilometres) west of the provincial capital of Quetta. Baluchistan is home to a long-running separatist conflict that [...]

Islamist group forces schools to close in Pakistan’s southwest

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Thousands of women, children and activists marched in Pakistan's volatile province of Baluchistan on Wednesday in a protest against a campaign by an Islamist group to force schools to shut down across the region. Tanzeemul Islam-ul-Furqan (Organization of Islam for the Koran), a little-known group that has been setting schools on fire and distributing threatening leaflets [...]

Sectarian violence in Pakistan killed 2,000 in 6 years

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ISLAMABAD - Sectarian violence in Pakistan has killed more than 2,000 people in the last six years, according to a report issued by the country's Interior Ministry. The violence was concentrated on the country's border with Afghanistan with 80 percent of sectarian violence in North Western Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where 867 people were killed, and South Western Baluchistan which [...]

Baluchistan Chief Minister admits security problems in three districts

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Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has conceded that there are law and order problems in Panjgur, Kech and Kacchi districts and said that the government is taking measures to curb the lawlessness. The chief minister was responding to a question raised by treasury bench member Mir Asim Kurb during a session of the Balochistan [...]

Twelve killed in bomb blast on Pakistani train

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At least 12 passengers were killed and more than 30 wounded on Tuesday when militants bombed a train in Pakistan's Baluchistan province, hospital sources and officials said. The blast came a day after Pakistani security forces said they had killed 30 separatist militants in one of the biggest clashes in months in the gas-rich province. There [...]