Baluchistan House is a Think Centre for Baluchistan. Our Organisation primarily focusses upon the ongoing activities either good or bad in Baluchistan. Tarek fatah, famous author and anchor, is Executive Director of Baluchistan House.

Baluchistan, from several decades, is surviving under abhorrent government of Pakistan.  It is one of the four province of Pakistan. It lies in South West Part of Pakistan. The people of Baluchistan are fighting for Greater and Sovereign Baluchistan from past 60 years. In 1970’s, the citizen’s started a conflict demanding the Independent State , which led to a Civil War. Thereafter, their lives have changed and are treated as Non – Pakistani’s and are under constant Military Supervision.

Past few years atrocities on this land has risen tremendously. In-human Treatment is done with them. There are innumerable cases of murder, riots, rape and other horrendous acts of brutality. Therefore, we have made this organisation, which will act as a platform for people of Baluchistan and bring out the true, real, unedited news & facts before you all. It will not only clear the air but also act as an eyeopener for those who are still to realize that Baluchis are living a Treacherous  and dilapidated life.