Baloch Republican Students Organization’s (BRSO) Germany chapter held a demonstration in Berlin today against Pakistan’s atrocities on civilians across Balochistan. The protesters also raised the slogan “Pakistan Murdabad, Thank You Modi”.

They distributed pamphlets to spread awareness on Pakistan’s occupation of Baluchistan and violation of human rights.

The spokesperson of BRSO, in a statement, said that the objective of the protest was to highlight the state’s atrocities on civilians across Balochistan, including Dera Bugti.

“Military operation has been escalating in Dera Bugti. Hundreds of Baloch civilians have been abducted and around 90 have been killed, mostly women and children, by the Pakistan army,” the spokesperson said.

He said that human rights violations, abduction and killing of Baloch people by the Pakistan army have become a regular practice in Balochistan. “The human rights organization has been silent on this issue,” he complained.