With recent statements of support from Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, for the Baloch nationals, India is being seen as the only nation that has openly acknowledged their condition. This may open up gates for Balochs’ to a new alliance which eventually may help them attain their freedom. India can take various measures to help Balochistan create an identity of its own, separate from Pakistan, leading them to their desired ‘Aazadi’.

  1. Creating a consensus among the different factions of Baloch freedom fighters
  • For starters Baloch freedom struggle is led by many leaders of different tribes, bringing a general consensus among them all will work wonders for them. This till date has caused Pakistan to create internal schisms and cause internal strife. India can act as a consensus maker in this situation. India will be able to remind them of their ultimate goal that is freedom for Balochistan from Pakistan and persuade them to unite for that.


  1. Making a Baloch constitution to be used after independence
  • For any freedom struggle there must be an attainable goal and a symbol. Giving Baloch nationals a constitution which is in line with their culture will work wonders in this struggle. This will allow them to work as a team by forgetting all the differences to achieve a rule under their own constitution. This way India can transform it from a struggle for power to a struggle for better life. Such kind of depiction of Baloch freedom struggle will create pressure on Pakistan to give Baloch their freedom. An army can fight another army but not an idea.


  1. Creating new respectable future leaders
  • Balochistan as a nation will need strong future leaders. India will have a lot to contribute in this. If India will be able to make another Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Aung San Suu Kyi etc. who will be capable of leading their country without using religion politics as a tool ,it will be a great win. Under a great idea of democracy with a charismatic leader to lead, more and more people will join the movement for freedom. This will eventually put strain on Pakistani resources and will tilt the popular opinion about Baloch struggle in Balochs’ favour.


  1. Giving international voice to Baloch struggle
  • India can help to propagate news about Balochi struggle to global community. The strategic location of the region will generate some interest in the world powers. India can act as a conduit between international community and Balochs. Pressure from the international community will help Balochs in their freedom struggle and prevent further Pakistani atrocities.


  1. Strong propaganda Local and Global
  • Many global powers have used propaganda as a tool for effecting changes. India can lead local propaganda to create opinions in Pakistan and also make the Baloch nationalistic feelings strong and cohesive. Just like Pakistan influences some “liberal Intellectuals” in India, we can also influence Pakistani intellectuals to protest against military atrocities against Baloch people. India can also use propaganda to familiarise people about how Balochistan was conquered using military force by Pakistan. Globally India can use the Pakistani tactics of internationalising the issue in UN and other forums. A strong worded reaction from more than one nation no matter how big or small will tilt the world opinion regarding Pakistan’s treatment of Balochs.


  1. Taking China into confidence
  • India can avoid unwanted interference from China by taking them into confidence. India can assure Chinese full support for their present and future projects in Balochistan if they help Baloch freedom struggle. China will find it easy to interact with a non-nuclear Balochistan compared to nuclear Pakistan. The assurance of safety for their assets and continuation of CPEC will be an incentive for China. Also India can promise connectivity between Gwadar and Chabahar ports. In case of any negative approach from China India can always mention about the secessionist activities in Xinjiang province. China will not be foolish enough to cross India in asymmetric warfare as Indians are trained by Pakistan sponsored terrorism.


  1. Taking Afghanistan and Iran into confidence
  • Baloch freedom struggle directly affects territorial integrity of Iran and Afghanistan. This is because they are the immediate neighbours and both these nations control a part of ethnic Baloch regions. So a mechanism must be carved out by India which will promise no such struggles in those nations and newly created Baloch nation will only deal with Pakistan controlled territory. This will be important as India will be using Iran and Afghanistan as the staging ground for its activities in Balochistan. Also their intelligence services can be a great help for any struggle in the region.


  1. Expanding RAW capabilities
  • RAW will be the main Indian institution that will be working inside Balochistan before its freedom. Prior to this it must be strengthened. A strong growing network of RAW will be a threat to Pakistani state. So to save the rest of the country from coming under RAW’s reach Pakistan may cut their losses and give freedom to Balochistan. This may be a wishful thinking but possibilities are endless.


  1. Material support in terms of arms ,cash and training
  • The separatist movement is very resource demanding. Fighters will have to be maintained to keep up their morale. India will have to support Baloch fighters with needed arms and training to use it. This struggle will also use up a lot of cash to create and maintain spy networks across Pakistan.