Youth of Balochistan face a lot of hurdles in different fields of life. There are no job opportunities for the youth after completion of educational carrier. More than 60% population of Pakistan is youth but unfortunately they are mostly deprived and very backward. Youth feel disappointment due to the lack of attention from Government side which results in making them mentally unstable.

Mr. Kabir Ahmed Reki says that there is no formal Policy for the youth of Balochistan which is a Question mark on the activities of Government. The political leaders did not feel tiresome from big slogans during electoral campaigns but they will forget the intelligent youth of Balochistan. They make huge announcements just for news headlines not for youth and development in society.

Mr. Waqar Reki Chairman Reki Education Forum Balochistan said that there are no facilities of Sports, Education and other fields of Life for youth in Dalbandin and different districts of Balochistan. Youth of Balochistan facing a lot of problems in school and colleges which is clear injustice with them.

Mr. Amir Baksh Baloch said that although a proposed youth policy is drafted by a non-governmental organization with consultation of provisional Government but unfortunately it needs more improvement because it does not represent actual issues of youth in Balochistan. Government should take this issue seriously because a satisfactory and implementable youth policy can solve several issues of youth. Furthermore, In Balochistan some NGOs want to work on policy process but response from Government side is very discouraging.